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This book really opened my eyes to facing some critical things I had been avoiding when it comes to being prepared for the future. I really appreciated all the practical tools to help me overcome my resistance to change and take the steps outlined to make better decisions and plans moving forward. I feel more educated, empowered, and better equipped!

Hayley S.
Colorado Springs, CO

The book Are You Protecting Your Greatest Asset? Written by Tom Rasmussen,  was a great and easy read.  Help me to understand that we do not always choose what we most deeply value. All I can say is get the book read the book to understand the empowerment of income protection planning.

Patrick S.
Colorado Springs, CO

I found the book well-written and well-organized and easy to understand and I think this ease of understanding would apply even if I were not well-versed already in the topics discussed. I wish it’d been available for many of my clients to read (and for me to read, years ago, when I was putting our plans together). I know a LOT of time and work went into it and it shows. What a great way to help your clients and prospective clients!

Paul B.
Broomfield, Colorado

Tom’s latest literary contribution stands out as a comprehensive and accessible guide to safeguarding one’s most valuable asset – oneself. I found this well-crafted book to be an engaging read, with its insightful analysis and practical strategies for creating a secure plan for oneself and loved ones. Tom’s astute observations and thought-provoking insights encouraged me to reevaluate my priorities and focus on what truly matters in life, as we all face the inevitable and unpredictable future. The book’s concise and clear writing style enabled me to complete it in just two days, making it an efficient and worthwhile read for anyone seeking to understand the significance of insurance. In sum, Tom’s work is an invaluable resource for individuals searching for ways to safeguard their future, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a meaningful investment in themselves and their loved ones. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Tom for reminding me of the importance of prioritizing my most vital asset.

Irene Z.
Fort Worth, TX

I found Tom’s book to be full of practical and helpful ideas and gentle, and sometimes not so gentle nudges. No one wants to talk about these things, however if we have the courage to address them, we are better off as well as those we love. This is a well written book that causes one to stop and think, what if something happened to me, do I have a plan? Thank you, Tom, for writing such a helpful book!

Kevin G.
Colorado Springs, CO

Having worked and collaborated with Tom Rasmussen earlier in his career I can readily and heartedly recommend this book to you. I thought the book was written in a folksy manner that allows anyone to understand the power and importance of ‘Protecting Your Greatest Asset’ – and the tools available to protect you.

The book begins by offering good recommendations on how to gain personal ‘empowerment’, while looking at all the reasons we give for ‘not’ acting. Next, we are offered examples of funding options for care – whether they be funded by the Government, your family, or by you.

Most importantly I think the book main theme is the importance of sitting down with a real professional to create a plan and act on it. Tom helps, in a simple way to help you achieve that. A great read.

David D.
Danville, CA