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About Us

Knowledge Is Power Mission Statement

The mission of Knowledge Is Power Publishing and Communications, LLC is to empower individuals and organizations by providing them with the knowledge and information they need to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. We believe that knowledge is the key to personal and professional success, and we are dedicated to creating high-quality publications and communication materials that help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their personal goals and the concepts that help protect those goals.

At Knowledge Is Power (KIP), we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve great things, and we are passionate about helping our clients realize their full potential. By utilizing the information and knowledge we provide, we believe that our clients will be able to increase their understanding and make informed decisions that will lead to success and growth.

About Tom

Tom Rasmussen is a highly respected protection specialist with over 37 years of experience helping thousands of people throughout the country with income protection and longevity health planning strategies. His extensive knowledge and expertise have earned him top awards for education, management, and production.

As a published author, Tom has contributed to industry magazines, local newspapers, and best-selling books. He has also been invited to share his insights and expertise on several radio shows to discuss senior issues and the importance of income protection planning.

Tom is committed to educating and empowering his clients, and he regularly hosts education seminars and workshops for senior and pre-retirement groups and worksites throughout CO, CA, and TX. He has also taught Empowering Protection courses through the Pillar Institute, a non-profit educational organization that fosters lifelong learning in the Pikes Peak Region.

Tom is a co-host on the TV show “New Horizons: Living Life to the Fullest” streaming on the ASY network and YouTube. The show focuses on empowering individuals to make the most of their second half of life. Tom’s dedication to helping others and his commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to the protection and planning industry.